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If you add additional features without sacrificing simplicity, I am confident that you will be at the top of the web building software industry! Many features, as well as ease of use, are what make tools like this the finest. Thank you very much! But I know that having a mobile alternative would be a fantastic thing to have if I have clients that want it. Your Mobirise is the first responsive web builder software I have ever seen that is actually so simple and so importantly - intuitive!!

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So easy and elegant, Bravo! I am always fascinated by it's features, and tons of templates. I adore how easy it is to create websites in a couple of minutes using this terrific program.

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Wish I discovered it sooner. thank you. My creative web designer mind is already working on how to produce the unique looks my clients. Honestly I have been doing this for over 20 years, I am self taught and have really tried almost everything, some of them are, wordpress elemental, themify, elegant themes, have a lifetime subscription to that , never cared for wordpress, still don't. Concrete5, OK but not as good as Mobirise. Have tried Joomla, too complicated but it's been a few years, MODX too much work.

Drupal a mess, been years for that one too, CMSPro! Use Coffeecup editor, used 1st page editor, there is more but I can't even remember, I have downloaded and tried many, many cms software, website builders and editors.

I'm excited to see where your project goes in the future. Speed and ease are what I am looking for, none of your competitors really had that. Hand coding a site from scratch takes time, when I first started over many years ago it was fun but when I started getting a lot of requests from rescues needing a site, I had to find a quicker way to create a nice interactive site, with Mobirise that is possible. Keep up the good job. Great effort and awe-inspiring UI experience with simple drag-and-drop and fast bootstrap builder in current web dev world.

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We needed to have an appealing website up and running quickly. We needed to perform all of this without the assistance of a "developer. This tool is a flying unicorn, the holy grail… the loch ness monster… rare and awesome, and something nobody has ever actually seen.

Personally I love the ease of building the sites, the ability to edit any part of it I want, the FTP and local saving option. A few bugs but overall, very nice software for a visually based website designer. And your customer support is all quite good. Thank you…" Roy Fletcher. It's an outstanding, clearly designed, easy-to-use, non-bloated website creator program , in comparison to the CMS like wix, webflow, squarespace, shopify..

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Mobirise allows me, someone who knows almost nothing about code, to create custom websites. I also want to praise your technical support. If you keep refining this core concept — no coding required — the Mobirise product will get more and more users - do-it-yourself entrepreneurs - independent, freelance, contract, solo, and other non-traditional workers. More prebuilt components for dragging and dropping into web sites will assist expansion. I'm glad that the product is constantly being updated.

It gives a ton of templates and capabilities, wonderful customer service, and amazing documentation. It's straightforward to use and easy to onboard. As for me, I would much rather build a website from scratch than use a theme or template. The website builder is quite great though as it shows a drag and drop feature that can generate simple looking and unique websites that have a responsive design, too.

Simple and quick to pick up, a little pricey for a domain name and SEO, but very good presentation, complete design and layout freedom, and the ability to install all the features of a commercial site. First I built websites in html with Wordpress, then Wix. It was very difficult and that's why I looked for alternatives. Yours was the first and last, I got good results right away and I'm happy. Many thanks for the big blocks library, modular website structure that works on mobile and desktop and has a modern look, very good photo slides!

I was looking for a tool that would allow me to develop lightweight which led me to bootstrap and also elegant websites. I didn't like the wordpress themes I found and found it a bit wasteful to use such a complex cms for simpler sites. Through google and videos on youtube I discovered Mobirise. It took me less than an hour to get hooked on this cool free web builder. I think all your competitors fail to deliver a website FAST. Let's face it: Mobirise is pretty good at delivering the "first preview" over a project.

It's a great option for web designers who are limited on time and working on projects for small clientele. It is truly easy to use and striking. I tried Coffee Cup site designer and a couple of others I cannot remember their names, but their interface was somewhat confusing… If I install a program and cannot figure out the basics in the first half an hour, I have no use for it.

When a session is created, PluggableDeviceFactory creates a PluggableDevice object for the plugged device. The section below shows some pseudo code to introduce some extensions inside the TensorFlow proper for the pluggable device creation. The implementation is based on StreamExecutor C API RFC. TensorFlow proper needs to be extended to support a new class PluggableDevice to represent a set of new third-party devices and a new stream executor platform PluggableDevicePlatform to create the device and related resources with the information registered from plugin.

Plugin authors need to provide those C functions implementation defined in StreamExecutor C API. This section shows an example of kernel registration for PluggableDevice. Kernel registration and implementation API is addressed in a separate RFC. The device type indicates the device the kernel runs on, the subdevice type is for low-level specialization of the device. The following code shows a convolution kernel implementation using the stream handle. The streams are created during the pluggable device creation.

The placer decides which device to use for each OP in the graph. Then the streams associated with the device are used to construct the OpKernelContext for the op computations during the graph execution.

Without this RFC, end users need to change the python code to import the third-party device plugin. Modular TensorFlow RFC. StreamExecutor C interface RFC. Kernel and op registration and implementation API RFC. The RFC promotes the current TensorFlow ecosystem as it supports plugging new devices to TensorFlow. We don't expect this proposal to impact with other parts of the TensorFlow ecosystem. It doesn't support TFLite. It should not impede distribution strategies and would not interact with tf.

fuction and SaveModel. Skip to content. Star 1. Permalink master. Branches Tags. Could not load branches. Could not load tags. A tag already exists with the provided branch name.

Many Git commands accept both tag and branch names, so creating this branch may cause unexpected behavior. Are you sure you want to create this branch?

Go to file T Go to line L Copy path Copy permalink. This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository.

jzhoulon update MemAllocator. Latest commit ca0b Sep 3, History. How to Add the User's First Name to the mailReason. xsl Letter How to allow requests for missing items How to associate POLines for Electronic Collections, if POL is not found in the editor How to associate PO Lines for donated or free items with a fund How to automatically deflect resource sharing requests for digitization How to batch update Holding records through Normalization Rules How to block users from placing resource requests with NCIP Partner?

How to build an Alma Analytics report based the BIB's LDR pos. How to Bulk Change PO Line Status? How to add pop up notes to Alma items in bulk How to change move Holdings without items to another location How to change a work order time How to change date format in Analytics reports How to change normalization rule type from network zone to institution zone How to change Primo to display personal author names to inverted order lastname, firstname instead of direct order firstname lastname in the full record display?

How to change the "code description " Alma controlled vocabulary drop-down display How to change the addressFrom e-mail in a letter How to change the Alma User Record Type from Public to Staff How to change the date in a holding template in the Metadata Editor How to change the title of a report in an Analytics dashboard How to change Your.

Department organization. com in letter emails? How to Clean Up Electronic Resources How to clear bibliographic templates from the Shared folder in the MD Editor How to clear the browser cache How to configure "Keep in Department" Next Step options for Receiving How to configure and troubleshoot Alma Work Order Department Printers How to Configure a CSS Skin for the Alma Services Page in Primo?

How to configure a different date format for a specific letter How to configure a request status that appears in My Account in Primo How to configure mandatory and optional fields for user and patron records How to configure mandatory fields for Users added manually?

How to configure the allowed characters in a user's e-mail address How to configure the display of allowed pickup locations in Primo for Resource Sharing How to Configure the Share With Network function in the MD Editor to find matches based upon the field?

How to control ability of Circulation Desk Operators to change user passwords? How to control the fields in a new MARC 21 Bibliographic record? How to create Analytics report on portfolios coverage? How to create a 'Physical Titles' itemized set using a list of MMS IDs How to create a GES that will send an email?

How to create a new CSS skin for the Alma-Primo Mashup? patron block? How to define a long term loan rule? How to define the call number type for a library location? How to define the due date for Resource Sharing Lending Requests? How to delete an extra local portfolio visible in Metadata Editor Show Inventory How to delete a Closed invoice? How to delete a Dashboard, Folder or Report, in the Analytics Community Folder?

How to delete a record stuck in the MD Editor How to delete a Shared Community Report, or Folder? How to delete a specific record from Primo? How can I delete bibliographic records in bulk from an Excel file of MMS IDs? Deleting Bibliographic Records Linked to a Network Zone How to delete items in batch How to Delete POLs which are already Closed? Could this process be used for purpose of cleanup of bibliographic records too?

How to delete public notes from Item records? How to design the GES Public Name display on ViewIt How to determine what codes to enter for the Vendor EDI Attributes? How to disable have no longer appear a line in an Alma email letter? How to disable a letter from being printed? How to display holdings in the WorldCat external search results list How to display maintenance and outages information on "View It" tab? How to extend the Fiscal Period for a Ledger in Alma? How to extract OpenURL from Primo Central, Alma records and other sources How to find Publishing information for a record in an Alma Network Environment?

How to find the originating address of Alma notice emails? How to fix a blank PO search box in Alma when creating an Invoice from PO How to fix duplicate search results in Alma repository search? How to limit access to Analytics Report based on User Role?

How to link Alma local portfolios standalones to the Community Zone How to link a set of Alma standalone portfolios to a community zone collection? How to make fields mandatory in Alma Resource Sharing book and article request forms How to manage Standalone portfolios in batch? How to manually create a Purchase Order Line POL How to mark an AcqWorkOrder as done in Alma How to Merge Network Zone Record with a local record How to merge Alma standalone portfolios with community zone collections?

How to move a POL to another electronic collection How to move items between BIB records How to order a second copy of an e-book in Alma How to order a specific portfolio from within an ordered package in the institution level How to place a Work Order for Items with Process Type "Missing" How to populate the Vendor Account Code in an EDI Invoice How to prevent printing specific slips and notifications at specific locations How to prevent recalls when the loan is created via the 'Create Item' button in Patron Services on the fly items?

How to Prevent Table Drops in Analytics How to Prevent Table Drops in the License Subject-Area of Analytics How to print an individual MARC record? How to print multiple MARC records? How to process PO lines in status "Waiting for manual renewal" How to publish a Database electronic collection to Primo?

How to Remove a Public Note from Portfolios How to remove duplicate subfield a when Importing OCLC records to Alma How to remove one-time PO Lines from Receiving Workbench?

How to Remove Portfolios from an Alma Local Electronic Collection How to remove privilege s from a role How to Remove Unwanted Items from the Electronic Resource Activation List How to rename a data file of an Oracle database or move it to a different location How to replace the Alma signing certificate expiring in October ?

How to replicate the original Primo page using the Viewit URL information? How to Report Alma Performance Issues How To Report Full Text Linking and Availability Problems to Support How to report or export a list of active Portfolios e. ejournals How to report translation issues? How to report VAT? How to set-up publishing to PubMed from Alma? How to setup Alma to NOT send requests to ILLiad, if ISSN or ISBN fields are empty? How to setup fields in Alma to get the best result on Analytics How to set Group Settings if available to all campuses?

How to set the display logic to hide a specific package if ANY other full text packages exist How to set the patron services initial screen "ID" choice How to set up a Hold Request option for an item that is in RS temporary location and on ILL process item is lent to another library by Resource Sharing Lending Request? How to set up Connexion so that only one is in the exported Alma record How to set up Processing Departments for Courses How to set up renewal of a borrowing request automatically from the borrowing side How to Suppress an Alma Digital Collection from Primo Display How to suppress request link from Primo?

How to Translate Alma Code Tables How to unlink a record from a Community Zone record? How to unsubscribe from Status Page notifications How to update an invoice number?

How to Update a Linking Parser Parameter How to upload a list of Fund allocations from a file to Alma? How to Use a List of Values from a CSV File as a Filter in Alma Analytics How to Utilize the Unpaywall API for Open Access Content and Resources in Discovery How to view an Analytics report in a full screen mode How to view a merge routine Identifying Named Users in Alma If no invoice for one-time POL, how to mark as fully invoiced?

One specific library appears in its own full calendar as open that day. Failed to send letter. Reason: Channel was disabled Invoice in status "Ready to be paid" - can it be set back for editing? Is invoice status "Sent to ERP" equivalent to "Waiting for Payment" when ERP is skipped? Is it possible to create a user record into ALMA without any role? Is it possible to change Fund and Ledger Fiscal Period 'Start date' or 'End date' in Alma? Is it Possible to Configure the Online Services Order For Network Zone Managed Electronic Services for Institutions in that Network Zone?

Is it possible to delete funds and ledgers with associated transactions in Alma? Is it possible to edit Fund Codes? Is it possible to restore deleted vendors in Alma? Is it possible to use a Library-level Digitization Department to create requests via an API? Is Rollover required to run on the day the ledger expires? Is SUSHI harvesting available for Database Reports DB1 in UStat? Is there a delay between the weekly publishing by LOC and availability of updated records in Alma?

Is there a document showing the Alma Data Model Schematic? Alma Collection Limits Is there a maximum size or number of lines per MARC EOD, MARC update inventory and EDI file uploaded to Alma? Is there a need to re-register bX after the transition from SFX to Alma? Is there a place in Alma to store admin logins with vendors, user name, password, contact email and notes? Is there a way to put Voyager clients in read-only mode for Alma cutover? Limit length of Inventory number field Is the "Link to Dashboard Pages" Oracle Analytics Server Feature Supported by Alma or Primo Analytics?

Items are stuck in the Receive tasklist although PO Line is fully received Items created during Receiving are autopopulated with barcode even if "Barcode Generation" is None Items get stuck in process "Transit item" after scan-in Items listed in Manage Fulfillment Options which aren't in reading list Items not going into exceptions bin Items not going in transit to defined circ desk if returned elsewhere in library Batch delete Process Type "Technical - Migration", or putting items in place in bulk Items stay in Transit status - when will it clear?

Item has enum - error message for Withdraw Items job Item information in Analytics reports on requests Item in transit to new location will not scan in. Error: "Could not determine the next action for the item. Please contact the fulfillment administrator to check the configuration of the item. JISC Library Cataloguing Hub job "Change vendor in order" fails KnowledgeBase Updates Frequency Labels for Saved Searches Letter Legal Deposit Without Letter Lending request: start and end page from borrowing request not overtaken Lending Request - automatic localization fails Letter customization error: "The string "--" is not permitted within comments.

Where is the Loan Policy defined in the Primo and Primo VE "GetIt" section for Alma? Loans list is empty although there are active loans Loans with no user group in Analytics Loan and Return Receipts are not printed or emailed from Alma - how to solve this?

Locally-defined field indicators in MARC profile extension. Locations Holding list in Primo's GetIt - how is it sorted? Locked after failed login attempts into Alma Lost Item Replacement Fee is not refunded when item is returned Make a "Shared" Normalization Rule "Private" Making a Proxy selective; disabling proxy Manage Sets - creating itemized set causes Alma to freeze Managing Electronic Resources in the NZ: Customer Parameters and Proxy Set Up Rerunning failed scheduled job Map inexplicably showing {Microforms} MarcEdit integration with Alma via API Brief MARC record display in Alma despite successful export from OCLC MARC records not loading to import profile "failed during Parsing record" Match and merge not recognizing duplicates Match Points for EDI Invoice and the PO Line - are they mandatory?

Material Supplier not populating in New Order import generated PO Lines Max. Number of Representations in View It - doesn't limit the number of electronic services Maximum Cash - is decimal number supported in the "Patron Limits" table? MD Editor Controlled Vocabulary - Subfield showing a Prepopulated List Merge Records and Combine Inventory functionality doesn't merge bib in some cases Merge Rules Logic Merge Rule used for import from OCLC Connexion Client Gateway - overwrite the LDR Where are expiration dates of user accounts and patron roles configured?

Metadata Editor cannot be opened Metadata Editor errors, e. label not found key:mdeditor. error Metadata Editor F8 shortcut key isn't always adding new field Metadata Editor View Versions: Question about "Created By" and date next to it Migrated items with Lost status not waiving replacement fee on return Migrating ebooks from Dawsonera to Ebook Central — updating electronic inventory in Alma Migration: POL price 1. Is it possible to add it? No pop-up note during loan of a brief reading list item No requesting from available holding No request is possible: "Failed to save the request" No results when conducting a "Vendor name - Equals" or " Vendor code - Equals" search No results when I click on Go To Inventory after changing the Vendor on a POL No vendors found in licensor search Number of bib headings where no appropriate authorized term was found" in the report of "Authorities - Preferred Term Correction" - what does this label say?

Number of loans including pre-migration loans in Alma Number of loans per circulation desk OCLC Connexion Client Gateway - Adding Rules OCLC Connexion doesn't export; no error message shows up OCLC Connexion error: Import failed. Reason: null One return receipt letter per patron Opening times in booking availability calendar Open Fiscal Period Open Letter from Non-Commercial Metadata Suppliers Supporting a More Collaborative and Transparent Approach When Working with Link Resolvers and System Vendors Orders missing from receiving workbench How to change orders submitted via API to not require manual review Order "Interested In" email is not sent for physical, one-time resources.

Order Interested In" email is not sent for electronic resources. Organization Calendar has today as closed Originating System Codes for Metadata Editor Originating system in Analytics Our Users are Experiencing Issues with Alma Crashing or Disconnecting.

How Should this be Reported? Overdue fee is created on top of Lost fines. Only Lost fines should be calculated Overdue Loan Not Getting Fines Overdue notices vs Overdue and lost loan notification Overencumbrance and Overexpenditure Rules - can be inherited from Summary Fund Override error message "Accession Number is not unique within this location" Override On Shelf Request Policy Ovid links resolve to a login page, how to enable journal and article linking?

OvP: My account: Long lists of loans are not displayed pageBean. selectedRequestDepartment", or "pageBean. selectedSetStatus" display for certain Work Orders Page number is out of range - for Physical Items Itemized Set Resource Sharing Request is in completed status at borrowing library, not at lending library Can we implement the Touchnet Payment System in Alma? Why and how to fix this? Payment Receipt Letter isn't being attached to User Account PCI Activated Titles not appearing in Primo PDA profile deletion PDF.

PIN number letter sent to patron although PIN number was not changed Place in Queue is 0 zero - what does it mean? Place on Hold Shelf Letter not sent for resource sharing items POL: order sending failed, order stays In Review POLs stuck in review POL creation for electronic resource creates duplicate portfolios POL currency is set to institution default even when undefined for vendor POL for electronic resource not closed although activated and fully invoiced in Alma POL mandatory fields POL not going to review when Review Rule is set POL Owning Library assigned automatically to portfolios POL packaging required?

How to synchronize their status? PO lines not found in the Electronic Collection Editor PO line '' is not valid since resource type wasn't specified PO Line Alert: Price Limit Reached PO Line Assignment is Stuck in Alma PO line is not valid since organization unit is empty PO Line not found when linking to invoice line in Alma Acquisitions PO Line Rollover job : When, on what stage of the rollover the exchange rate is applied?

ProQuest Dissertation not linking correctly, atitle field not filled in What URL to provide for "ProQuest supported OpenURL metadata fields" at Proquest admin instance?

Protecting fields from the SIS loader Proxy enabled questions Pseudo patrons for processing resource sharing lending requests Public Note for Portfolios display based on Collection or Service's notes - how to override? Public Note Not Displaying in Primo VE for Standalone Portfolio Publishing and import jobs fail; server issue Publishing Collections for Primo Classic customers where publishing is done in the Network Zone Publishing Dublin Core records to Primo Publishing electronic collections results in all members published as deleted Publish an extract of bib records enhanced with items information Publish a random set from Alma Premium Sandbox to Primo - Tips Shared Publish LHR to OCLC - alternative, with Normalization Rules Publish records to OCLC - for Multiple Libraries Publish to RapidILL via OAI-PMH of holdings and electronic activations Purge users based on a set, carefully Purge User Records job doesn't work Purge user records job on NZ - does it delete records on IZ?

Questions on the report of the job 'Authorities - Link BIB Headings ' Question about the Resource Sharing Library field in a user record Question on the Preferred Term Correction job report Range of IP Addresses Required for Link to Talis Aspire Reading List is not Sorted Reading room circulation desk - can it perform regular loans along with reading room loans?

Received Items List" is unsorted, how to fix this? Related but not interchangeable titles are displayed in Getit Related record is found in the All Titles search but not other searches Relationship between Requested Item Due Date and Recall Period Relinking a PO line without MMS ID Relink Holdings when an inventory is on loan Reloading invoice fails Removal of Passwords from the Alma Database Remove all E-Activation tasks when deleting a package Remove all the E-Activation tasks when deleting a package Remove Community Zone Bibliographic Records without Portfolios from the Institution Zone Remove Control Field Remove non-Alma Google Scholar Links Limiting Operator information exposed in User pop-ups e.

Resolve error: "Item of the same title is already on loan for this patron. Parallel loan is prohibited. Resource Sharing - Completed Requests disappear Resource Sharing - How to change the partner if the British Library tells they cannot supply Resource Sharing - receiving problem Resource Sharing borrowing request is on hold shelf until due date, rather than configured maximum time on hold shelf Resource Sharing Lending requests - Clicking on Manage Fulfillment Options shows no services Resource sharing library available as a pickup location Resource Sharing Partner records in IZ are missing the "Shared barcodes" field, although this field is present in the NZ Resource Sharing print slip external request ID barcode is not scannable Resource sharing requests resource sharing request form via primo allows option to deliver digital items to the library Resource Sharing request for multi volume Broker-Managed Requests.

After July Release, they are displayed in Primo My Library Card as one request. Is this by intention? must be rebuilt using new advanced search logic Scan In to Receive a Borrowing Request - causes a loop Scheduled Analytics job fails with reason "At least one of the fields is empty. Both fields should have a value. Science Direct is not parsing to the article level Scopus results show OpenURL Alma links despite embargo Searching Portfolios by Local Interface Name Searching the National Library of Medicine catalog via external search resources Searching with "a, an, the" in Alma returns different results Search for all items by item status: "in place" or "not in place" Search for a given range of call numbers search for content of tag Search Results Counter is an Approximation Selecting Monitor Request and Item Processes leads to blank screen Self-Check communication fails for users whose name contains diacritics Unicode characters Selfcheck: Lost and claimed return items not included in list of charged items Selfcheck receipts show wrong titles for barcodes Self check unit not sending 'on hold' letter Sender address for scheduled job notifications Sending a resource sharing request using the BLDSS API Sending POL via EDI - PO is "In Review", POL is "Ready".

How to enable "Sent"? Separate Alma Fulfillment messages are displaying as a single pop-up Sets do not save during cutover Adding LDR as Local Parameter in Alma Analytics Setting up an Accession Numbering for Items Setting up a new printer in Alma Setting Up OAI Integration Allowed IP Ranges Setup Email Preferences to Subscribe to Ex Libris Mailing Lists Setup of CrossRef DOI Set a "fixed due date" for loans other than "End of Term" functionality set containing all records Configure Alma to loan items until the end of the day Set fulfillment transit times between libraries Set Up RSS Feed for New Items Several Inventory Electronic Collections exist For This CKB Collection" error when trying to activate a CZ portfolio Should the "Ful Cancel Request Letter" be sent when converting a request to a resource sharing request?

Should the Alma Link Resolver show links to ProQuest Theses and Dissertations Global documents? Users Synchronize job report: "Total records processed" - what does the number mean? Size allocated on screen for editing user notes Size of excel file for uploading local portfolios SLNP: Cancellation of borrowing resource sharing requests SOAP Alma Label Print web service responds with "HTTP Status - Login Failure: all modules ignored" SOAP updateUser web service returns error code "The external system code and the user external system code are not the same" Record which is attached to an electronic collection gets published twice to Primo Some "Job Categories" don't display for a contact e.

Vendor -- Why? Some error occured while retrieving services - when clicking "Test Access" for a Portfolio Some PCI articles are showing "no full text" even though the coverage for the journal should include them Some users can't be find in Analytics by their primary identifiers Sorting services displayed in the View It tab in Primo Source of Alma Community Zone bibliographic records Special characters and diacritics appear corrupted in records imported from OCLC Connexion into Alma Special characters and diacritics appear corrupted in records imported using Import Profile Repository, New Order, Update Inventory Owner in Invoice created from file Excel or EDI , how is it determined?

SpineOMatic - user roles SpineOmatic Java or Alma configuration error Split Screen function will not fully open in the MD Editor Springer Link is moving to HTTPS protocol SRU Server Staff role to see "Pick up from shelf" items on the dashboard?

Suppress the column header in Analytics SUSHI files are fully harvested but data is missing SUSHI harvesting from JUSP Synchronize Changes from CZ job is both pending and completed System Maintenance Job failed or completed with errors System marking requested items missing System Status for Hosted Environments Template properties cannot be edited text from "Letter emails" not found in the messages There is no option to delete an item from the inventory The "if" condition in my normalization rule does not work The "Policy" column of the Primo GetIt tab - where is this info coming from, for authenticated users?

The "Reporting Code" field displays "-1" or other incorrect values when using the Fund Expenditure report in Analytics The Claim workbench shows Continuous PO Lines though items have been received The Difference between "Recall Period" and "Requested Item Due Date" The effects adding an item description has on requesting. The number entered for quantity in an invoice line is not considered in any calculations The number of requests per item in the "Pick Up Requested Resources" list is always "1" The rules of PO lines in review Secondary and tertiary reporting codes get populated in the POL even if removed from the import profile The Sushi Harvesting Job is stuck at 0.

Is this an issue? Thumbnails in List of Holdings Page Timeout a user accessing a digital representation with a concurrent user restriction Timeout in Alma Timeout in Alma - Circulation Desk Times between and Tips for Advanced Document Searching in the Customer Knowledge Center Title-level patron physical item request: conditions for choosing a copy Top-Level Collection - how to publish its "constituents" to Primo?

Top-Level Collection - why does the Title appear to be duplicated in Primo? Trial Emails are sent regardless of "Notification Period" Trial shows as Draft status but should be Active Troubleshooting Tips for COUNTER 5 SUSHI Harvesting Troubleshooting Tips for Linking: Using the Context Object CTO Trying to disable a Letter but unable to remove the checkmark Two selfcheck machines for one circulation desk U9KP7Q94 error in Analytics Dashboard Un-receive function - please elaborate Un-receive Items for a POL - is this functionality always enabled?

Universal Viewer does not display a file Update Bib records in bulk without making a change to force a reindex or publish "Update Inventory" doesn't update item barcodes, proxy information, etc. Update Inventory job does not create multiple items — why? dll file Users without primary identifiers Users with overdue items: allow renewals but do not allow loans Is it possible to change an item due date past the user expiration date in Alma?

User Expiry Date - how to update or remove in bulk via job? User Group list misses values in add "Purge User Records" job User ID Generation does not work for new users created via SIS User information for identifier for social logins is not displayed User roles and their numbers User Set from File gives Validation Failure User SIS Loader version 2 and "premature end of file" error User Statistical Categories - how to upload information using a file?

Use different "On shelf request policies" for the same location Using Bins to group values together in Alma Analytics Using Campuses to Designate Pickup and Non-Pickup Locations Using COUNT in Analytics Using the Fulfillment Configuration Utility to adjust Fulfillment Rules and Terms of Use in Alma Using the pipe character in a normalization rule Using the Portfolio Loader to Prevent Local Portfolios from Activation Validating e-mail addresses with underscores Vendor Analytics tab ViewIt Code Table fields cannot be customized View It is limited for 25 resources Voyager to Alma Migration Form - if "Item.

We would want to use Database — Subscription to be deprecated. What do we do in these cases What's the difference between Selective and Aggregator Packages with regards to automatic activation? What and where is the License ID? What are these Population jobs? What are the benefits of associating a local collection with a Community Zone collection? What Are the Common Causes of Full Text Linking Problems, and How Can Linking Be Improved? What are the merge criteria for community edited community zone records?

Click here for a guide to Alma knowledge assets. Display ID Alma Analytics Evidence Contributors and Subject Areas Alma Digital : import errors and how to find them Alma link resolver: set it and forget it Alma link resolver setup Alma Resource Sharing Lending Workflow Alma Work Orders Defined Analytics- Creating a date filter or prompt that includes null values and filters the column.

and value is already taken Across Institution in this feed" during SIS feed How to resolve an 'Invoice contains vendor account which differs from one or more linked PO-Lines' Alert for an Invoice Created through EDI' in Alma "Issue" material type isn't added automatically to the items during Recieve, how to fix "Item cannot be loaned from this circulation desk" - how to fix it?

to RapidILL via OAI-PMH "Plan B" for API request on Developer's Network "Request a different issue" - how to change the label of this type of request? A required parameter was not supplied: ill item creation lib code. what does this date signify?

Action buttons in MD Editor are not active Activating Alma Portfolios - checklist Activating the "Recalculate PO line encumbrances based on current exchange rates" job Activation Wizard: 'Activate this package service' vs 'Make service available' Active portfolios are not published to Primo - how to resolve Adding and filtering ISBN in a report for Analytics Adding an Analytics Widget e.

Adding or deleting rows is not permitted. Alma Analytics - Zero Loans Report Alma Analytics Agent - Scheduling causes errors Alma Analytics not opening and giving error message Alma doesn't assign lender due date from request when loaning the item to the patron Alma baseurl for PubMed Alma bX harvesting Alma Closed Orders - Can a closed order be reopened?

Alma deleted bibs show up in Primo Alma Digital storage limits Alma displays an override message for only the first renewal item, instead of for each item Alma doesn't send Activity Reports Alma - EDI file export splits long descriptive fields Alma email inbound default - name alma.

com Alma error "Notification failed to be sent" when trying to resend notification Alma Fulfillment: Hold shelf period not behaving as expected Alma Homepage Customized Widgets Don't Display Properly Alma Item's Modification Date updated without item changes when linked to updated holdings record Alma Loan blocked - Item not Loanable Alma MARC profile extension. Missing in Extract error for Alma Migration File Validation Alma PO Lines without a status or BIB description can't be deleted or canceled Alma Premium Sandbox Post-Refresh Procedure: Shrinking the Rota Alma Publishing files lack.

xml extension when untarred Alma Purchase Order Lines POLs not displaying in the Packaging section Alma Release Notes Schedule What happens to Alma holdings when you run the Change Physical Items job Alma Resource Management: Creating custom sets from files using an identifier other than barcode Alma Resource Sharing: returning items without putting them into transit Alma Surveys Alma widgets don't display correctly Alma z Amazon S3 Cloud Storage Service - is there a limit?

Analytics, Course Reserves: Title field is blank Analytics: Does Not Contain filter returning unexpected results Analytics: filter for NULL values does not yield any results Analytics - Using the results from one report as input for another report Analytics - Bibliographic Details. Network Number is truncated Analytics - meaning of "Requested" as a value in "Process type" field of Physical Item Details dimension in the Physical Items Subject Area Analytics - Recalled Items Analytics - retrieving records based on criteria of "x days before today" Analytics - Total sum at Top of Table Analytics access denied to user with roles Analytics API returns error message "Path not found" Analytics error "Too many running queries.

An error has occurred while trying to load the Record list" in Metadata Editor, Save and Release An error is thrown when trying to delete an electronic collection "Can not delete this collection because it has an import profile". How can I delete it? An external process has changed the original record API call limitation Sandbox API query results in "Daily account plan limit exceeded" error Are EBSCO e-Books Included in Primo Search Results?

Are encumbrances fully released when an expenditure is generated from an invoice that is created 'From PO' in Alma? Are Voucher Numbers required in order to close an invoice? Borrowing Request Metadata Changes Including Title BR3 Usage Data report: all identifiers are saved in the eISSN field Browse shelf listing ends with wrong result Bursar and Invoice Finance output file name structure Bursar export of credits - is it possible? Calendar Opening Hours shows last day of month as closed Calendar configuration for Opening Hours not kicking in.

Calendar Import gives error for invalid data in a blank row Calendar Management - steps to reduce or add hours over the library Standard Opening Hours Call number with wildcards Call Number won't display in ILLiad Z Can an Approved and Paid Alma invoice be edited? Can an item be received without an Invoice? Can a closed SalesForce case be re-opened? Can a Portfolio's Public Note be inherited from the Vendor's Interface record?

Can a PO Line disencumbrance be re-encumbered after an invoice is deleted? Can a Rota template be arranged an ordered list? Can Ex Libris Support force close an invoice in Alma? Can I change the currency of a POL? Can I Disable the Publishing to PCI Job After Switching to CDI?

Can I upload the same invoice file twice? Can lost items be recalled? Can Network Zone Normalization Rules Be Selected In Institution Zones? Can purged users be viewed once deleted? Can same login be shared by multiple operators e. circulation staff? Can we anonymize user information in our Alma Premium Sandbox? Can you activate the same CZ collection multiple times in the same institution zone? Certification Training for Alma - how to register?

Change PO line owner with job "Update PO Lines Information - Advanced" not working Change Suppress setup in Alma - will it trigger publishing to Primo? Continuous POL is in status "Sent" instead of "Waiting for Renewal". How to move it along? Criteria for packaging PO Lines into one PO Customers can open new cases to report Alma CZ and SFX KB issues using new categories starting from December ! Does Alma adjust for Daylight Savings changes?

Does Alma Analytics store information about courses that are deleted in Alma? Does Alma have a "wildcard" that can be used in the display logic rules? Does authority control work for Community Zone records? Does the "PDA-Alert PDA Threshold" job need to be activated to generate alert emails? Does the POLine Receive or Activation Status impact inclusion in Rollover?

Does the RSS Discovery URL need to be redefined for each additional RSS profile? Download Unimported Records and Reload or Rerun Do MD Editor and PO line templates in test PROD Alma environment remain after cutover?

Do not show resource sharing link for records in discovery Do overencumbrance rules apply to new order imports? Draft Alma Records Due Back Date Results in Recall Due dates have to be entered for each item in reading list Due dates of resource sharing loans always moved by one day Due Date and Time Display in Primo VE GetIt Due date for borrowing resource sharing requests Due date in the past Why does the actual loan period of an item not match the "Due Date" policy that is set in the Terms of Use?

EDI invoices for content from ProQuest platform EDI Invoice fails to match Invoice Line with PO Line EDI Invoice Import fails with error java. NullPointerException EDI ordering in Alma for different accounts at Baker and Taylor Enriched EDI Order Responses ORDRSP fail with: Rejection reason does not exist EDI Order Responses - how to load?

EDI POL Sample File - how to create it? EOD import - inconsistent handling of duplicate records in import file EOD for multiple items. When two fields in input file with item information and the same Fund in each field, items were created correctly, but the Fund appears twice in the POL, as if there are two funds. Error: "More than one request found for entered item, please enter request ID" during Scan In, how to proceed? Error "Failed to create work order to Acquisition Department" when adding a brief resource in Alma Cannot delete Alma user because they are assigned to an invoice Error: "Unable to update mapping table.

Please contact your system administrator. On December the Analytics Events subject area will be deprecated and removed Exclude Acquisitions process status from publishing to OCLC control when to publish to OCLC Exclude Alma Items from Being Published to Primo Exclude or include deleted items in Analytics reports Exclude Prediction Pattern Items from display in Primo Alma support for ten digit OCLC number expansion? Expected Content of Community Zone Updates Task List tabs: "Review" and "All" Expected Receipt Date of a POL is in the past - how to fix it?

Expiration Alert Period Explicit ratio not working as expected Exporting Reports as CSV changes the end of MMS ID to 0 if longer than 15 characters Export to ERP job failed or not ran - would the invoices be exported with the next its run? Export to OCLC job How to export users from Alma External resources Z How to avoid duplicates? Finding Vendor Accounts to Add to a PO Line in Alma Find an Excel Spreadsheet to update Portfolios in a Collection Find out how a POL was created Fine and Fee Behavior when a Bursar system is integrated into Alma First day of the week in Analytics Fiscal Period Closure Resources and FAQs in Alma Fiscal Period Rollover - one Library's POLines just won't rollover Fiscal Period Rollover - will Standing Order, Waiting for Invoice, be part of its population?

Force choice of "Currently at" a desk or department - how to? What is the difference? At what instance each type should be selected? Fulfillment activity attributed to wrong person in fulfillment network Fulfillment Unit Rules: changing rules order changes the update date FulItemChangeDueDateLetter Email version not found in Letter Emails Full-text links from NZ portfolios don't display in Primo View It Full Inventory Indexing" Job not progressing stuck - is this delaying other jobs?

Full Inventory Indexing Job still Running? Hold Shelf Period is defined in Request TOU but ignored Hourly Loans - How to Enable Due Hour after Midnight? How are Alma statistics anonymized when contributed to bX? How are discounts applied to invoices in Alma? How are email address and phone number validation settings configured How are encumbrances set during roll over?

How are the Primo Get It tab messages configured when no full text is available? How can a database be added to Alma? How can a record locked by another user be unlocked in Alma? How can desk operators manage patrons without having User Manager privileges? How can passwords for internal users in the Premium Sandbox be managed so they don't reset after a PSB refresh? How can I bring back a withdrawn item in Alma? Can courses be bulk deleted in Alma? How can I change the PO Line Type of a PO Line?

How can I remove the "Parser parameters override " field in a portfolio record in bulk? How can I configure the Resource Sharing Request form to use a default Pickup Location? How can I define the default location for purchase orders?

How can I delete an Alma invoice that is "stuck" with no status? How can I delete a User Identifier Type? How can I determine how many collections are in my repository in Alma? How can I export the "Number of Loans" count from items in Alma? How can I let patrons use Self-Check for In-Library Use only items but leave the RFID tag activated?

How can I mark an item lost in Alma? How can I request new collections to be added to our Discovery Indexes, KnowledgeBases and the Alma Community Zone? How can I review Alma API calls via server logs?

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